Enlarged Liver

Hepatomegaly or enlarged liver is a symptom that designates the increase in the size of the liver.

The liver can increase in size in many circumstances, including:

  • For an inflammatory reaction in the case of a viral infection: this is the case of hepatitis, which can be acute or chronic;
  • for hepatic steatosis, an invasion of liver tissue by fats, due to a diet too rich in fats or excessive consumption of alcohol;
  • for liver cirrhosis with modification of the architecture of the liver, often of alcoholic origin;
  • for a benign tumour of the liver;
  • for a malignant tumor, particularly hepatocellular carcinoma, which may be the final consequence of cirrhosis;
  • by a right heart failure that causes blood stagnation in the liver (called cardiac liver);
  • by an inflammatory reaction in the case of a parasitic infection such as schistosomiasis;
  • by an overload disease such as hemochromatosis (which occurs with iron overload) or Wilson’s disease (with copper overload);
  • for an abnormality in the bile elimination pathways as in primary biliary cirrhosis


Signs And Symptoms

The hepatomegaly itself manifests as an increase in the volume of the liver; It is a symptom. However, it is usually associated with some other signs, and they are the ones that can make us suspect a possible cause:

  • pain located in the region of the liver
  • fever
  • loss of appetite
  • great fatigue
  • diarrhea or intestinal transit disorders
  • nausea or vomiting
  • jaundice

Risk Factors

  • Drugs
  • Hepatic infection
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity


  • Hepatomegaly or enlargement of the liver is usually palpated at the level of the abdomen. It can also be discovered during an examination of images such as an ultrasound or a scanner.
  • A blood test and a liver imaging test are often necessary.

Treatment And Management

  • The treatment of hepatomegaly involves having a diagnosis of the cause that caused it and the treatment of this reason
  • You may need a to visit a doctor in case of a tumor.
  • Stop drinking alcohol when the cause is alcoholic cirrhosis
  • Hygienic diet rules with reduced fat intake in case of steatosis
  • Treatment with certain medications in case of excess copper or iron accumulation

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